Our Little Blessings Daycare

The mission of Our Little Blessings is to ensure child safety, a stimulating and caring environment for children ages 2 years to 12 years. At Our Little Blessings Daycare, we believe you should have peace of mind when it comes to those who matter most; your children. Our Little Blessings Daycare is here to help you and your family!

Our daycare is located in Historic Dundalk, a town in Baltimore County, at the Dundalk Methodist Church (6903 Mornington Road) and we specialize in taking care of children ages 2 - 4. Let us help you!

Meet the Team

Our Little Blessings Daycare of Dundalk Maryland is excited to meet, play, and learn with your children!


Bonnie Cassidy


Bonnie Cassidy

Bonnie is the owner of Our Little Blessings Daycare and mother to 4 beautiful children (Madison 9, Jasmine 7, Reagan 6, Connor 3). Bonnie is also a member of the Foster Parent Association and Board Member – Parkville Rec. Dance X-treme. As an avid Ravens fan and someone who enjoys camping and soccer, there's sure to be a lot of great activity and engagement among her students and the class!